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Founded in 1995, as a family business, Columbia River Coffee Company was one of the first micro-roasters in Clark County. From the Beginning, emphasis has been placed on bringing a fresh, natural, hand-crafted product to customers. We strive to bring coffee lovers an enjoyable experience in their homes.
The Columbia River Coffee Company serves coffee shops, restaurants and local businesses, small and large, and has built a loyal (perhaps “fanatical”?) following during our two decades as a proud member of the Vancouver, WA Farmers Market. Because of long standing relationships, we are able to continually supply our customers with quality coffee from around the world. Our endeavors take us to the next step, inspired by our customers, who have clamored for their beloved beverage during the winter months, when the Farmers Market is not open. We are excited to Share our coffee with a larger audience!. We are committed to continuing to provide superior products on a slightly larger scale, inviting you to try some of our popular roasts and blends.
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